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Crisis Communications for Nonprofits


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When a crisis hits your nonprofit organization, it can feel as if everything you have worked for, all the good you have accomplished, is suddenly at risk.

But don’t panic. Crisis communications is the art and science of convincing donors, staff, clients, other stakeholders, the public, and the media that even the gravest of problems will be solved. And panicking is the worst thing you can do.

What can go wrong, will
A nonprofit organization is a collection of good people trying to do good.
But bad things sometimes happen to good people.
When a crisis hits, you need the right people with the right skills on your side. Communicating effectively during a crisis requires a rare combination of speed, savvy and sangfroid. It also requires specialized knowledge and consistent practice.
Paul Conley Consulting has the expertise and experience to help you survive your darkest days.

We can help
Our consultancy was founded in 2004 by Paul Conley, a journalist with decades of experience at some of the biggest names in media (CNN, Bloomberg, The Economist Group, CFO magazine, Knight-Ridder, etc.) , Paul Conley knows what reporters do, or don’t, see as newsworthy. He understands the challenges faced by journalists and the folks they cover. He knows when a story “has legs” or when it will quickly fade. He knows what sort of statements, apologies, and other communications can buy time or defuse a difficult situation. And he knows that poorly worded and defensive statements can inflame the public and infuriate the press.

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You can’t really ‘manage’ a crisis. Just like you can’t manage a hurricane or an earthquake. The goal is survival. And the key to survival is preparation.
— Paul Conley


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